House of Representatives Subcommittee on Revision of the Imperial Constitution
(Decision to form the subcommittee made on July 23, 1946)

*Members of the subcommittee as of July 23, 1946
Hitoshi Ashida(Chairman) Japan Liberal Party
Hiroshi Hatsukade Japan Liberal Party
Natsuo Eto Japan Liberal Party
Takeru Inukai Japan Progressive Party
An Yoshida Japan Progressive Party
Yoshio Suzuki Japan Socialist Party
Tatsuo Morito Japan Socialist Party
Heima Hayashi Cooperative Democratic Party
Tazo Oshima New Light Society
Juji Kasai Independent Club
*The chairman appointed the following four additional members on July 25, 1946.
Reikichi Kita Japan Liberal Party
Yasuo Takahashi Japan Liberal Party
Fujiro Hara Japan Progressive Party
Suehiro Nishio Japan Socialist Party

Source: Sato, Tatsuo and Sato, Isao. Nihonkoku kenpo seiritsushi [Making the Japanese Constitution: A History] vol.4. Tokyo: Yuhikaku, 1994

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