List of Members of the Constitutional Problems Investigation Committee
(Established October 25, 1945)

Chairman Joji Matsumoto State Minister without portfolio/ Professor Emeritus, Tokyo Imperial University
Adviser Toru Shimizu Vice Chairman, Privy Council/Member of the Imperial Academy
Tatsukichi Minobe Member of the Imperial Academy/Professor Emeritus, Tokyo Imperial University
Junji Nomura Professor Emeritus, Tokyo Imperial University
Member Toshiyoshi Miyazawa Professor, Tokyo Imperial University
Shiro Kiyomiya Professor, Tohoku University
Matasuke Kawamura Professor, Kyushu University
Takeshige Ishiguro Chief Secretary, Privy Council
Wataru Narahashi Director General of the Bureau of Legislation
Toshio Irie Director of the First Department, Bureau of Legislation
Tatsuo Sato Director of the Second Department, Bureau of Legislation
Assistant Member Tadashi Gyobu Professor, Tokyo Imperial University
Isao Sato Lecturer, Tokyo Imperial University

Source: Koseki, Shoichi. Shin kenpo no tanjo [The Birth of the New Constitution] Tokyo: Chuo Koronsha, 1989

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