Joji Matsumoto, "General Negotiations with GHQ I II III," February to May 1946

These are the notes taken by Joji Matsumoto, the Chairman of the Constitutional Problems Investigation Committee. They are divided into three parts covering the time from February 8, 1946, when his committee submitted its "Gist of the Revision of the Constitution" to GHQ, up to when the Privy Council finished deliberations in May. Part I describes the negotiations surrounding the presentation and acceptance of the GHQ draft as well as the background of the creation of the Japanese Government's draft, which was based on the GHQ draft. In part II, Matsumoto writes about the harsh negotiations that were carried out with GHQ (Colonel Charles L. Kades) over the Government's draft and the discussions in the Cabinet meetings that ended up with the announcement of the "Outline of a Draft for a Revised Constitution." Part III shows how Matsumoto backed out of the negotiations with GHQ, and then lost his role in the investigation of the constitutional revision problem along with the fall of the Shidehara Cabinet. He states that he "consoled himself" by thinking that he could perform his final duties in the deliberations of the Privy Council.

Matsumoto Papers are an important part of the materials related to the enactment of the constitution and were kept at the Occupation Research Group associated with Toshiyoshi Miyazawa at the University of Tokyo. After Matsumoto's death, his family deposited the papers with the Faculty of Law, University of Tokyo. Besides Matsumoto's "General Notes on Negotiations with GHQ I, II, III," the National Diet Library is using a number of his other documents from the Matsumoto Papers for this exhibition.

Actual Title of Source Shireibugawa Tono Kosho Ippan I, II, III
Date [February to May, 1946]
Material Number  
Repository (reproduction)  
Repository Matsumoto Papers, Leagal History Section, Faculty of Law, University of Tokyo


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