Ryo Mizuno, pioneer attracting Japanese emigrants to Brazil

Ryo Mizuno(1859-1951)was born in Tosa, was devoted to the Freedom and People’s Rights Movement, founded the Kokoku Colonization Company together with Shuichiro Saito, served as an executive manager of the company, travelled together with the first set of emigrants, moved to the Takemura Shokumin Shokan (Takemura Colonization Commercial House), established the Nanbei Shokumin Kaisha (South America Colonization Company) in 1915, became a director of the Kaigai Kogyo Kabushiki Gaisha (Overseas Enterprise Company Limited) in 1917, travelled to Brazil to reside permanently in 1924, the Pacific War broke out while he was back in Japan, returned to Brazil in 1950, and passed away in Brazil in 1951.

Image “Ryo Mizuno, pioneer attracting Japanese emigrants to Brazil”