Diaries of Masao Hashiura

Masao Hashiura was mayor of Oiwa Village in Tottori Prefecture and took a voyage to Brazil in 1927 as director of the Tottori Ken Kaigai Kyokai (Tottori Prefecture Overseas Association) who was in charge of reception locally in the Alianca Settlement. He was the elderly brother of Yasuo Hashiura (folklorist and painter). These diaries recorded the conditions and feelings of Japanese people in an outlying regions of São Paulo in the wartime and the post-war period until the Japanese community was split into those believing in a victory and those accepting the defeat. Here placed are his diaries for August 1, 1945 - July 1946 (when Hashiura traveled to São Paulo City and met with relevant parties to know the truth about whether Japan had won or lost). The "City A" mentioned in the diaries refers to Aracatuba City. The original diaries are held by the Center for Japanese-Brazilian Studies in São Paulo, and the copies held by the library are supposed to be manuscript copies of them.

Image “Diaries of Masao Hashiura”